Goodman Telecom believes that well-trained employees make happier employees.

Our technicians are more effective and more confident in the field because of our rigorous training programs. Goodman Telecom’s newly hired candidates participate in classroom training, hands-on practice and peer led instruction for a real-world experience. Instructors, managers and supervisors are involved from the beginning and work closely to ensure each employee is fully trained throughout all stages of an employee’s career.

Our training is constantly evolving to ensure our workforce is prepared to meet our internal and client requirements. We create custom training plans for the most advanced products in order to develop expert technicians in their particular technologies. Goodman Telecom leverages our Learning Management System (LMS) to not just deliver online content, but to aid in the assessment and building of individualized curriculum for our employees. Instructor led and OJT training are also utilized to provide hands on, the skills-based learning for our technicians. We continue to invest in training programs and are currently working to develop a Virtual Training Platform to enhance the learning needs of the ever-changing needs of a mobile workforce.

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Goodman Telecom is proud to have:

  • 100% safety training for all field technicians including testing in compliance with industry standards
  • Instructor led quality and safety training with hands-on proof of performance
  • Our Learning Management System, which includes industry standard training, safety training, testing and certifications that can be administered using multiple technologies and delivery types for both new hires, continued education and refresher curriculum