Skilled Workforce

Mobile Smart HandsTM

Skilled carrier and enterprise technicians

Our Mobile Smart HandsTM  technicians are experts at deploying and maintaining equipment for network operators and enterprise customers. Licensed, certified and continuously trained, each Goodman Telecom technician operates with the highest professional standards, ethics and values. Our technicians work diligently to meet our commitment to quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

Deployed over 60,000 times a year, our Mobile Smart HandsTM technicians have the network knowledge and in-field experience to handle a wide range of network operator and enterprise network equipment needs.

Our Mobile Smart HandsTM technicians are supported by our world class engineering teams who design and engineer custom solutions for deployment. Offering the combined services of design, engineering and field services, we provide a single point of responsibility for our customers and helps ensure top-quality results and reduced complications in the field.

Mobile Smart Hands install and maintain:

  • Cell site
  • Central Office or Head end
  • DAS & Small Cell
  • Remote terminals

Design & Engineering teams perform:

  • Outside Plant (OSP) Engineering
  • Wireless outdoor network design & engineering
  • In-Building wireless design & engineering
  • Network Integration
  • Provisioning

Tower Climbers

Safe and expert 

Goodman Telecom Services’ number one priority is the safety of our personnel. All our tower climbers are certified as competent climbers and competent riggers (ANSI 10.48) and have gone through extensive instructor led training. All training for our tower hands utilizes NATE training curriculum program, Safety LMS tower training and Comtrain certification’s training on tower climbing safety and rescue, fall protection, competent rigging and tower technology.

Pro Tech – In addition to our tower climbers, Goodman Telecom is proud to offer our internal personnel the opportunity to cross train as both tower climbers and cell technicians. These technicians, known as Pro Techs, are experts at servicing all networks equipment, whether on the ground or on a tower. As experts in network infrastructure, our Pro Techs are able to service sites and close tickets with greater efficiency and less network downtime.

Our tower climbers have experience with:

  • Cell site modifications
  • Cell site maintenance
  • New site builds
  • Microwave pathing
  • Sweep testing
  • PIM testing