Goodman Telecom Services is committed to the safety of our employees and customers and works diligently to go beyond simple compliance with environmental health and safety regulations and standards. By working to eliminate risks and hazards, we strive to maintain a “Zero Harm” workplace. Our focus on safety leads us to strive for constant improvements in the field, which continues to produce Year-Over-Year reductions in OSHA recordable incident rates.

Our safety record is a result of constant and rigorous monitoring of incidents and providing preventive and corrective action through root cause analysis, training, and work evaluations.

Goodman Telecom is proud to be a member of:

Our primary certifications and compliances include:

  • Goodman Telecom’s Carrier Services comply with the current industry regulations and standards; specifically the new ANSI A10.48 and TIA-322 standards.
  • All internal tower crews are trained in Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue, Fall Protection, Competent Rigging and Tower Technology Training by utilizing Comtrain certification
  • Goodman Telecom actively participates in all OSHA Safety Stand-Down programs related to our industry
  • All technicians receive Smith System Driving Certifications, recognized as the leading provider of collision avoidance driver training.