Goodman Telecom Services creates the best experience for your customers by ensuring top quality service. We provide excellent program management and top tier training to our employees which leads to industry-leading performance in the field. With industry leading metrics and Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance, we provide the outstanding service, fast response times and impeccable problem resolution that our customers deserve.

Our commitment to quality is apparent in our:

Commitment to measurement – Goodman Telecom tracks a variety of performance indicators to ensure high-quality service for our customers. These performance indicators include but are not limited to:

  • Problem Reports
  • Fixed Response Time
  • Overdue Fixed Responsiveness
  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Outage Frequency
  • Service Quality
  • Internal Quality Management System Audit Results

In-field quality assurance – We conduct live audits in the field to drive immediate quality improvements through our In-House Video Quality Assurance Platform.

  • Our video audit platform gives the ability to perform live quality audits of our technicians and supervisors in the field
  • Utilization of reporting at the technician level to drive quality results and identify training and process improvement opportunities

Best in class recruiting – Our success is supported by talented, motivated, empowered people making the right decisions for our customers and business.

  • This begins with an unmatched candidate experience supported by a system and partners that enable us to move at the speed of business. 47% of our hires come from internal referrals

Best in class training – Technicians participate in rigorous online and instructor led training, both at initial hire and for continued education.

Goodman Telecom Services, LLC is an ISO 9001:2015/TL 9000:2016 Registered Company