Wireless Solutions for the Education Market

Wireless Solutions for the Education Market

Design, Deployment & Operations Partnership Model

Changes in how education is delivered have caused an ever-growing requirement for improved wireless connectivity in-class, online and remotely. The massive shift in demand for online delivery of learning content demands that less expensive, higher-throughput, faster, lower latency and more secure networks be made available to support new content formats and to support the online collaboration emerging in today’s education environment. Goodman Telecom has a long history providing wireless technology solutions like these to the education marketplace.

The growth in online education has increased the urgency and necessity for education institutions to invest in improved wireless networking solutions. And this need aligns well with recent availability of spectrum technology including Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), ultra-fast, secure, low latency LTE and 5G technology, falling prices and the availability of government funding programs. These have converged in the market making this the right time to engage in a wireless infrastructure assessment and potential upgrade.

Consistent with our passion to improve connectivity and access for students across the US, Goodman Telecom has launched a turnkey, private CBRS/LTE/5G wireless network design matching program (in-kind). This program provides dollar for dollar matching of funds to consult/assess, design and engineer new private wireless infrastructure for the education market. As the design is near completion, our team will also provide consulting on different government programs that could be accessed to help fund the build and operations of the designed wireless networks.

We will partner directly with your institution to learn about your current network architecture, vision and goals for supporting your institution’s mission and students. After this consultative process, we can design a network that bridges your connectivity needs with today’s leading technologies, spectrum and partners. And, with our dollar for dollar matching program (in-kind) and consulting to identify grant programs that could help you fund the build and operation, this new network will help you improve the delivery of learning to your students. Your new network can provide a seamless experience for your students, educators and administrators, on-campus and remotely. And we can manage all of the technology complexities and partner choices allowing school districts and administrators to focus on education, with a path to meet future needs.

HOW WE HELP – Matching Funds

To assist CBRS/LTE/5G private network initiative funding, we offer matching funds (dollar for dollar, in-kind) for wireless systems design and engineering.

As the design and engineering phase nearing completion, we can provide grant writing support associated with the CARES Act Education Stabilization Fund and E-RATE programs, local funding and other budgeting considerations.

If, or when, a school or district is ready to deploy a CBRS/LTE/5G wireless system, we can then offer either a direct payment option or a Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) monthly subscription service to fund the network build and operations.


With new technologies supporting digital curriculums, academic institutions now can deploy
carrier-grade broadband wireless networks using a wider range of frequencies making digital content, instructional material, virtual classroom and online tutoring available to all students and parents, in any learning environment. Considerations when enhancing a wireless network for on- and off-campus collaboration include aligning frequencies with network technologies, determining the viability of the CBRS band to accommodate a private network solution and leveraging an integrated cloud RAN (C-RAN) with a hybrid small cell network solution.

Additionally, with the CBRS spectrum and the potential to deploy new equipment, choosing to expand and upgrade now can be cost-effective and provide expanded coverage with better connection quality through fewer access points. Plus, networks that operate in the CBRS LTE spectrum are inherently more efficient, reliable and secure.



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